Thursday, 18 October 2007

The Braemar Witch Project


As the car starts to drive away it creeps into my mind that i could've gotten into the car of a phycho. I cant decide if im going to stay in the car or get out and bail..


Thursday, 11 October 2007

One of My Hobbies

Xbox live is an online subscription service from Microsoft. It was started in 2002 for the original Xbox console and has steadily gained a fan base thanks to the fact that it gives you the ability to play anyone across the world at any game with the capabilities.

As well as offering online multiplayer, you can also download game demos and purchase games from the aptly named Xbox live arcade. Developers make unique games and games like the classic and personal favourite Sonic the Hedgehog have also been made available for everyone’s gaming pleasure.

Obviously you can’t just access the wonderful world of Xbox live with a click of your fingers, you need a few things before u can begin.

· A Xbox 360 console
· A Broadband Connection
· A wireless router and Xbox 360 Wireless network Adapter
· A subscription to Xbox live
· Gamer points (To access the games and Downloadable content)

The main reason Xbox live is very popular at the minute seems to be the recent release of every geeks excuse for not doing homework, Halo 3.

Having played it on Xbox live myself and seeing how I’m not too bad at good old FPS(first person shooters), its safe to say that there are a fair few people who don’t have a life outside of the game. Having not been able to play the game as much as I would’ve liked, it’s frightening how good some of the people are.

Overall I would recommend that anyone who has an Xbox 360 and doesn’t have Xbox live to go and purchase a 12 month subscription. You won’t be disappointed.
Xbox live logo Copyright Microsoft.

The Past Week

The past week has been another good one.

The highlights of the week have been installing a printer in Susan’s class and going to see Halloween in the cinema.

We had to install a dot matrix printer, and it’s easy to see why they aren't popular anymore. The noise was excruciating when everyone tried to print off test papers and I hope I’m never put in that position again.

I went to see Halloween which is a remake of the classic horror movie by John Carpenter. It has been directed by Rob Zombie, a famous musician come director.

Having seen how gory his last two films were I was excited to see what he would do with the concept of Halloween and how he would add his own twist to the story.

I wasn’t disappointed as it was very gory and holds the award for the only modern horror movie that has made me jump.

Overall I was very impressed and can’t wait for the next Rob Zombie film.

Bring on Saw IV.