Thursday, 24 January 2008

The weekly ramble

So another week is nearly done and to be honest im thankful. Most of the week at college has been spent doing assessments. we had to finish off a portfolio for the computer hardware subject, but i did most of that last week so I didn't have much to do. After that we had the internet class where we continued our assessment for that which will be completed next week.

Tuesday was spent with the lovely girlfriend and playing tomb raider anniversary which is a great game.

Wednesday was spent doing more assessments. I finished my assessment for computer hardware and then my pc passport assesments for database and spreadsheets. They all went suprisingly well so im happy about that.

Today has been rather easy. I wrote up my 1500 report for web design, which is like 300 but 5x more. I was very happy with my website, it came out alot better than I expected.

Other than that all i've been doing is watching scary Japanese horror which is highly recommended


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