Thursday, 13 December 2007

A Photowalk Round Aberdeen College

We recently did a photo walk of Aberdeen College, here are the results:

The joys(or Horrors) of the 4th floor

The dangers of slow motion Photography..

A poster for Sheep's to help them stop smoking..

The corridor leading to the painting and decorating department

Protection must be worn at all times!

We decided to take the lift..

Someone got murdered...

Even the lifts have rules..

We arrived at the seventh floor..

Then quickly departed down the stairs

We then had a quick drink

Before toying with the idea of switching off Bill Gates empire..

Someone lost their bag in a tree..

This is a true story..

we then went to the ground floor

And found the perfect weapon..

The sight that greets all the newcomers

Reception was busy..

The phone was left off the hook..

We couldn't figure out what this was..

So we took a photo of the lift roof..

It was too quiet

And we felt like we were being watched..

So we ran for the lift

And returned to class.

This was good fun =]


Ross200 said...

Quite an eventful story then. Glad you escaped.

Darren679 said...

Thanks, it was a close shave